Nearby places of our Hotel

Gorgora Village

A day trip to the village of Gorgora a church dating from 1334 (rebuilt in 1608) that boasts beautiful frescoes. A few kilometres away form the port southwest, you can find the ruins of the 17th century palace and of the cathedral of Emperor Susenios. From the ruins you have a beautiful view across Lake Tana. The nature in and around Lake Tana is also overwhelming. The lake itself is known for its abundance of bird species. Along the shore and on the lake’s islands there are ancient trees in which many species of birds, such as weavers, brood and hatch their young. The lake also attracts any number of water birds including fish-eagles, ibises, storks, silver herons, pelicans and kingfishers. You can see these birds on the campsite as well. The lake is home to hippo, baboons, antelope, Nile lizards, hyena and many other species .

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Activities in our Hotel and around

Bicycle Riding

Goha Hotel has provided you a variety of different bicycles for both adults and young to add value of your passion of biking. Come and share the health benefits of bike riding in combination with our city tour programs. Guests can also rent a separate riding on their own plan. Have a great time here; enjoy the benefits of our biking package for your health, on the other hand contributing your own role to the environment, using friendly way to explore it.

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