Epiphany (Timket) Celebration

Goha Hotel always pleased to accommodate all of our esteemed gusts to the colorful festival of Epiphany. This Festival happens to be three days celebration every year on January18/19/20. Gondar is the best place to celebrate this colorful festival, and Goha Hotel is the best hotel to accommodate you. Come and visit the commemoration of Christ’s baptism which is the most extraordinary event in the year, when churches parade theirs, replica of the Ark of the Covenant (Tabots) to the nearby Fasilades bath (Genda).

Traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony

The coffee beans are roasted during the ceremony, giving a smell of pleasant coffee flavor. We do prepare a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony every day. The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is an integral part of our social and cultural life. Attending the coffee ceremony is considered a mark of friendship and respect. Come and enjoy learning traditional Ethiopian coffee making steps, the cultural decorations and beautiful old ritual with us. This is an excellence example of Ethiopian hospitality at Goha Hotel.

Valentine’s Day celebration

Come and enjoy our valentine dinner party with wine, candle night and surprise gifts.

Grand Piano

You are also allowed, your own professional pianist playing live and perfects music for your occasion.



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