Hotel Activities

Activities we thought might arouse your interest

Here are plenty of activities in Gondar to keep you occupied during your stay with us. Our hotel staff are always ready to help you arrange your day whatever activities you may have in mind. If you decide to stay in the comfort of the hotel, we have plenty for you to do including live music and dance. Of course you can always dip into the refreshing swimming pool for a relaxing swim. For more information about Ethiopian tours click here.

Siemen Mountains National Park

Simien Mountains, represents one of the most exceptional natural Landscape, seep Gorges, plunging waterfalls, Spectacular rocky peaks and home to rare species. The beautiful Simien mountain National Park lays nearly 100kms from the city of Gondar to the northeast direction. 40 million years of Massive erosion of the Ethiopian plateau has created one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, Simien Mountains.


Historical and Archeological site tours

We organize you the City Tour in Gondar. Begoha Tour and travel will take you to a wonderful city tour in Gondar. Gondar is a Royal and ancient historical city of Ethiopia. It is the home of many Emperors and Princess who lead the country from the 12th century to the last decade of the 20th century.


Lake Tana island monasteries and Blue Nile Falls

The town of Bahir Dar is located 180km south of Gondar on the shores of Lake Tana in the north of Ethiopia. It came into prominence in the 18th C. as a commercial destination for trade caravans to and from Gondar and the surrounding area.


Bird Watching

Over 863 species of birds have been registered in Ethiopia, representing approximately 9.5 percent of the world’s birds and 39 percent of the birds in Africa. Most of our endemics belong only to Ethiopia; while a further some more are endemics to Ethiopia and neighboring Eritrea.


Goha Hotel Bicycle riding

we work for the satisfaction and happiness of our esteemed guests. Goha Hotel has provide you a variety of different bicycles for both adults and young visitors to increase your passion for cycling and health benefits of bike riding in combination with our city tour programs and separate riding.



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